This project from Junya Oikawa attempts to establish sonic semantics and seeks new means of communication between people via music and gestures.

"Growing Verse 1" is an original installation project in which the artist pursues “sound interaction”, employing movement of people within radiating light(s). His original music composition programmed elaborately in the system reacts to body movements -simple repetition of “move” and “stop”- to create specific pitch and sound syllable.

The work is intended to let the audience “sense” the sound generated in real time, as they move (part of) the body under lights at the right timing, in a conscious manner. Simple sound phrases become an expression of “breathing” of the body, and the audience learns how “music” is woven.

Demo movies


1st prize - Semibreve Edigma Prize (Portugal/2016)


"Move and Stop" Gestures Trigger Sonic Semantics in Portugal / The Creators Project (England/2016)